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Manuel Full Name: Manuel Vaccari Perez Resides: Serravalle Sesia (VC) Italy

Business Phone:+390163450065

Mobile Phone:+393487447814

Facsimile +390163450065

E-mail: manuel@oxosails.com

Date of Birth 06 march 1961

Height / Weight 177cms /76 kgs

Education Music teaching piano and theory for 18years, & Electronics: Itis Omar Novara, Cpo (Livorno) Olympic sailing classes, Skipper on keel boats chartering on mediterranean sea greece, turkia.

licenses: open sea engine and sail navigation, padi advanced diver,

ulm flying 2nd level pilot

.Spoken Languages Italian, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese.

Employment: General Manager @ Oxosails

Sailing History:

Manuel Vaccari Perez

Born on march 6th 1961 in Varallo (Italy) from Carlo, and Paquita (canary Islands) started sailing at the age of 8, having fun in racing on small dinghies like Flying Junior, one of the very first sailing, than racing on windsurfing Class 1, into the 'Tecnosurf' team.At the age of 18 sailing 470es for nationals ranking regattas.At 21 Chartering in Mediterranean sea on a 65' Swan participating to the 'Swan World Cup" in Porto Cervo.Next step was 'Mattia Esse' (18 ft catamaran) joint to his brother Carlitos starting the new career on multihullsBeing in the pole position on 18 foot catamaran in 1984 bought his first A class catamaran and did not stopped racing all over the world since.31 years dedicated to the A cat and the big expertise racing 15 world championships,8 Europeans and more than 40 nationals championships in 9 countries.The '86 is the year of the sail making profession, Manuel is sailing almost every boat, developing new designs in sail research.Oxo is a Brand of a sail loft that produce high performance sails. The strength of sail powered boats seems to be the energy of the future: Manuel thinks so. To better understand aerodynamics , Manuel is into ultralight flyght on motorglider sport piloting since 2011

Preferred: Sinus Pipistrel

social interests: Memberships Oxo Regatta sailing team.

A class Italia

18HT Class Italia

18 formula italia

Circolo vela Orta

Gruppo piloti valsesia

Aeroclub Cameri-Novara

Some Results:

1st 2017 A class Classic nationals

1st 2013 f18 formula World championship M.di Grosseto 'silver fleet'

4th laser 2013 World Master Games

1st 2010 centomiglia del garda gr. mono proto (longtze)

2nd 2009 italian rank (A class)

1st 2008 italian rank A class

1st 2007 italian rank A class

8th 2006 world championship Sweden A class

1st 2006 italian rank A class

3rd 2006 italian champioonship A class

9th 2005 world championship A class sanguinet France

2nd 2005 vele di pasqua cesenatico A class

4th 2004 alpen cup A class 

1st 2004 Spanish championship A class

1st 2004 French championship A class

2nd 2004 World championship 18ht

5th 2004 Italian Nationals A class

4th 2004 Danneman cup A class8tht 2004 European championship A class

1st 2003 Spanish championship A class sitges

1st 2003 french championship1st 2002 Spanish championship A class

1st 2002 French championship A class

1st 2004 Intra lago maggiore National Selection A class

1st 2002 Ranking list A class

4th 2002 italian championship 1st 2002 trofeo dell'accademia di Livorno

12nd 1998 italian championship anzio

1st 1997 italian rank

1st 1997 spanisch coppa espana (national) A class

9th 1997 european championship A class Austria

4th 1997 french championship A class

18th 1997 world championship Long Beach california A class