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Classic Boats

Today's classic restoration or traditionally inspired yacht places greater demand on their sails than in the days when they were first designed. Desires for more modern performance with classic looks has pushed Oxo Sailmakers to work to seamlessly blend old-world craftsmanship with modern design tools. Cutting edge design and analysis ensures that the sails and all their associated hardware will work in tandem with structure of the classic yacht.

Modern advances in woven materials have allowed OXO Sailmakers to exceed the design parameters of many original designs. Working with full fluid dynamic modeling, the team of designers at OXO has worked with many yachts to refine sail plans to blend the original aesthetics of classic yachts with modern sail inventories.

When the sail is finally created, OXO's team of sailmakers is able to blend the modern materials with yesterday's traditional finishing systems, to create sails to complement the finest classics afloat today.