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F16 or X16

Since 1994 we have been producing sails for F16 formula:


our mainsail has 8 batens, rounded head for better profile and less drag, more adjustable shape compared to conventional mainsails in the market.

we provide a standard set of battens including (on request) top four stiffer battens for heavy conditions.


our jib can vary of shape, (profile),  so you can adapt it to every shape you want; we have a light /med and a med/ strong model of it.


Our gennaker has a new shape it has been tested and you can really feel the difference..


in the moment of order please tell us the model and year of boat because every boat has is own pattern.



We also provide:

telescopic /simple tiller bars alu or carbon

wires: stays and diamonds

alluminum spreaders w/adjusters



mast cover 

boat covers

trampoline cover

foils bag

foot strap