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Welcome to the official site of the OXO sail loft.

Here we want to give you an idea of our activity, that is continually changing because of the type of work we do.

We want to introduce ourselves, to explain how we work, the weekly occasions of boats, sails, eqipment and, at the bottom, a page dedicated to the Orta’s Sailing Club, to give you general information.

I hope we can spend some pleasant and interesting moments together.

Our purpose is to enable everyone to own winning sails.

We don’t want to say that other sails aren’t of good quality, but we give you a reliable finished product, with a very high standard, and fit for the use you need.

We will be able to do this thanks to our organization, that takes care of every single sail, from the first drawing until when it will be in your hands.

Ours is a young and versatile company, that has already distinguished itself in all the fields of sailing regatta, and that is always ready to propose ideas, that are taken as examples from the experts, but that aren’t well realized by those who have tried to copy them…

Society Profile

The sails, that are tested and reliable, are made one by one, with some little personalizations (if requested). They are constructed with precision by Rocco, our plotter, who cuts the fabrics at the tenth of millimetre. Then the sails are made up by me and my assistants singly. They are controlled and, if requested, they are sometimes tested by us. We deliver them giving also some easy but useful advice that can drive you during your trainings. We grant a prompt assistance service, a guarantee and any other kind of technical support by phone or E-Mail.

The best European sailors have got our sails and they are satisfied and always aware of having fast and reliable sails.